What we offer

At ONE Idiomas we are specialized in the preparation of the English language for all ages, levels and phases of learning. We also be able to get you ready for the official Cambridge exams.

Our methodology is based on promoting communication through all the skills of the language. Learning a language means practice and communicative use.

The academy ONE IDIOMAS Kids is specialized in teaching boys and girls from the age of 3. According to several studies the inclusion of a second language in a child´s education from an early age is extremely beneficial on many levels: cultural, cognitive, development, educational, etc.

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The academy specialized in the youngest kids

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Children aged 3-6

English for the youngest kids

Children aged 6-12

According to age and level

Programme for young children

From 13 to 17 years old


We create the perfect atmosphere in which to learn, improve and develop linguistic skills in English.




Fun Saturdays


Pyjama Party

Courses for children aged 3-6 and 6–12

The ideal course for kids and young children of school age who want to improve their communicative skills.

  • We use the language as a vehicle to activate knowledge in other concepts such as: Mathematics, Music and computer studies.
  • Student progress will be measured using continuous assessment
  • The student´s final marks will be communicated to the student (or parents) by means of a detailed report and a certificate stating the level and number of hours of course taken.
  • Our experience has shown us that in order for the classes to be successful they should be given by experienced and motivated teachers who know how to get along with young people.

Programmes for teenagers

This type of programme is aimed at children from 12 to 17.

Our objective with this type of programme is to help teenagers feel comfortable with the language so that they will feel better about learning more.

At One Idiomas we apply an efficient system in which students work with speaking and listening comprehension, grammar, writing, and conversation at a rhythm which allows the student to participate as they learn.

We also offer consolidation classes and we adapt ourselves to the needs of the student if they need to solve a particular problem.

  • Our programmes are adapted to the homework, projects and didactic units that the students have to deal with during their school year.
  • Student progress will be measured using continuous assessment.
  • Our timetable is flexible and adapted to the students´ needs.


With our varied and fun camps the children will learn to interact with each other in English through games and other activities that we prepare. We want children not only to learn but to have a good time doing so.

one idiomas summer camps

We will make your holiday time a fun experience where as well as practicing English, they will go to the beach twice a week where they will continue to increase their vocabulary while enjoying themselves in a different way.

The camps will begin the day after the school summer holidays start and will finish on 31st August. Children will be able to come for days or the whole summer but due to limited places they will have to put their name down in advance.

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Christmas is a wonderful time to learn words, stories and songs and do activities which are unique to this time of year.

The camps will start the day after the school holidays begin and finish on January 7. They can attend by the day or the full holiday but booking in advance is essential as groups have a maximum of 15 students.

campamento de carnaval en one idiomas

Carnival is a fun time for both children and parents. We offer the perfect solution: children will be well looked after while learning English at the same time, as our teachers will only communicate in English.

one idiomas easter camp

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Easter we also organize courses to improve your English over the holidays.


Fun Saturday English.  3 – 8 years old (COMING SOON)

Take a bit of time for yourself on Saturday mornings to do what you enjoy most for a few hours: sport, the gym, a stroll on the beach, organizing the house or the weekly shopping, while your child learns English and uses it in a fun way with games, puppets, workshops and much more.

You can pick up vouchers for the play school from our bilingual infant school, El Topo, or ONE IDIOMAS from Monday to Thursday 10:00 – 18:00h.

  • Cookery workshops
  • Puppetry
  • Storytelling
  • Crafts
  • Beach time -summer-
  • English movies and series
  • Role play
  • Drama
  • Team games

Pyjama Party – 4 to 8 years old (COMING SOON)

Take advantage of our pyjama parties to spend quality time with your partner and friends knowing that your little ones are in good hands. They will be having a great time at our disco-baby night, which includes films, storytelling, board games, shadow puppets, group games, and much more, with their friends.

You will be able to leave your child from 20:30 on Fridays and pick them up any time until 24:00h or on the Saturday morning after 9:00h. The little ones can carry on playing in our play park until 13:00h if you´ve had a late night (or an early one!).

Start booking those important dates now: the company dinner, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, concerts, a get-together with friends, a trip to the cinema, a special dinner, San Valentine´s day, carnival, the night of San Juan, etc.

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